Issuing Devices

Currently NCSS students in grades K-5 are being assigned a NCSS device. Upon notification of being quarantined, students will take devices home to access their alternate learning plan.

Students with Devices and Access to Internet

Teachers will provide directions and assignments via Canvas. Students should log on to Canvas through Launchpad or at



Students with Limited Internet Access

Students with limited or no internet access will receive work via Remind. Teachers will send assignments in Remind. Students will take a picture of the completed work and send the picture to the teacher via Remind. If families are not able to access the Remind app, printed resources will be provided.

Teacher Office Hours

Teachers will hold office hours from 7:00 AM- 7:30 AM and 2:30 PM- 3:00 PM. Teachers will also be in touch with the students and families through the Remind app.

Technology Support

[email protected]


While your student is quarantined, the student will not be marked absent if he or she is participating in instruction according to the alternate learning plan. If you happen to see an absence, please know this absence will be excused and not held against your student. If your student is prevented from participating in class according to the alternative learning plan due to COVID-19 symptoms, we will follow the NCSS handbook policy for reportingt his type of absence and the timeframe to make up assignments.

Communication to Families

If students are being quarantined, parents will be notified by the school nurse or the administrative team.

Click HERE for Alternate Learning Plan (English)

Click HERE for Alternate Learning Plan (Spanish)